Dark Forces

Dark Forces

Who do these forces represent?
Our fellow men in fancy dress
Adorned by symbols of fake masters
No wish to question or confess

They gave away their need to reason
About the actions told to take
Selling out for money offered
And the wish to kill, ‘for glories sake’

Would hate and war still rage around us
But for such weak and empty souls?
Supportive of those self-appointed
Shysters with deceptive goals

With lost affection for their source
And values torn apart
Rejecting thoughts that question why
False cause invades their heart

Oppressors with a coward’s blood
Would hold no power in their hands
If not for those who do their bidding
At home and in those foreign lands

Warmongers plan to own the world
Controlling all as slaves that serve
Thinking they are gods on earth
And stealing what they don’t deserve

Through politicians lying teeth
The orders are conveyed
Passed on to them from higher peaks
Of darkness they are made

And those who say we need defence
From enemies that hate
If they too had no armies
What threat would we await?

© Steve Bentley