Social Illusion

Social Illusion

Ignore the smoke and mirrors
Tranquilize the news
Throw away acceptance
Of things you didn't choose

They captured me whilst I was young
And poisoned me with lies
Then stole from me my innocence
And other holy ties

I see them now with open eyes
In their ugliness and shame
With darkened thoughts they walk the streets
Their intention, to cause pain

They tell us on the TV
They’ll change the way life runs
Not saying that their method now
Is needles before guns

They listen to those fallen ones
Who whisper in their dreams
Disowning their old promises
By all and any means

In their genocidal mood
They stand there in disguise
Dismissing all truths claims
Of their free masonic ties

There's a spectre in the city
The Church is shutting down
Selfishness and hatred
Is spreading all around

The simple beg the government
To help them when they ask
Not knowing that those people
Are wearing the same mask

Life's dual stands before us now
No quarter shall be given
Maybe to test our fortitude
On our pilgrimage to heaven

© Steve Bentley