The Liars

The Liars

Lies about the Government
Lies about our story
Lies in all the magazines
Lies that hide truths glory

Lies are in the papers
Lies are on TV
Lies about the weather
And lies about the sea

Lies about the food we eat
Lies about disease
Lies about injections
And what’s wrong if you sneeze

Lies about the planets
Lies about big bang
Lies about those uniforms
Where all the medals hang

Lies about all wars
Lies about the bomb
Just to keep you frightened
Lies will carry on

Lies about electric cars
Lies are getting worse
They say they’ll send a taxi
But ‘they’ send round a hearse

Lies about the loan of money
The everlasting curse
Lies about your mortgage
To make your debt grow worse

Lies about authority
They say they have the power
So, you pay unlawful taxes
They charge you by the hour

Lies about the land we live on
Lies help them steal and pinch
‘We’ gave to them a mile
But they want another inch

Lies about the Dinosaurs
Lies about our past
Lies so full of bullshit
From first dam lie, till last

© Steve Bentley