For Moments

Those early times that filled your head
With hopeful dreams in a cosy bed
The paths you walked, some smooth, some rough
Those years were never long enough

The times of changing point of view
Filled with sounds and sights all new
That beat you till they made you tough
Those months were never long enough

The fleeting people passing by
And special one’s that caught your eye
They left for dreams and other stuff
Those days were never long enough

The memories of the noisy bars
Of walking hills and driving cars
Some big mistakes made in a huff
Those hours were never long enough

The comrades gone that made you smile
You liked their hearts and liked their style
All bound like you by life’s hand cuff
Those minutes, never long enough

Now say so-long to times gone by
But hold a twinkle in your eye
Whilst finding death is not a bluff
Life’s moments, never long enough

© Steve Bentley