Big Bang Bull

Big Bang Bull

Listen to the story they ram right down our throat
Listen to their theory that takes away our hope
They tell us there was nothing, a void of empty space
And then it all exploded, they shout into our face

And when that bang of nothingness began its fairy tale
A great big giant lump of dust, caused magic to prevail
Yes, on that ball that now was rock, by unknown genius means
There formed a great creation; accidentally it seems

Since then we find from logics sense, explosions just destroy
They tear to pieces everything, as they would a toy
They never create order, or intelligence produce
But they do get used in wars; populations to reduce

Many now aware, question Darwin's complex plan
That we had other forms, whilst evolving into man
And when presented evidence, is always proven wrong
The retort is firm insistence; as if truth does not belong

They would have us think, our creator's not around
There's nothing special in this life, we're not on holy ground
But when we see a painting, the statements never made
That there never was an artist, to create what is portrayed

They want us lost and lonely; searching for belief
It's then that they will come to us, with an offer of relief
But if you give some credence to this method to entrap
Be wary those dark forces, to whom you doff your cap

There is no virtue in their ways, they only want control
Of everything and everyone; that's their only goal
Whilst ‘we’ like peace, truth and love, ‘they’ hold on to hate
They build a world of evil, and open Satan's gate

© Steve Bentley