Reign of Tears

Reign of Tears

Those tears of sadness and despair
Spilled for a life, no longer there
Change has caused a new display
And bullied us to get its way
I cup my hands to save those drops
Pouring now, till hatred stops
What happened to that pure perfection
Born of truth and bold affection?

A thief has been, in the night
And stole the prayers that put things right
No weapons now, we face the foe
The one who came to spoil the show
He that turns our lives around
Lives everywhere, but can’t be found
No invitation is he given
Since God turfed him, out of heaven

Change was on the cards as soon
As end game plans struck up their tune
The dealer incognito mode
Dealt from the sleeve, and bad luck flowed
No pity spared for all the masses
No concern for social classes
The signs are seen, above our head
End days would come; the old book said

Though the enemy is despised
Blessings are, sometimes disguised
So, stirring up the human spirit
May cause mankind to gain some merit
Perhaps it needs this rude awakening
To boost its pride with wise enabling
To fight enslavement of this world
From the darkest threat that evil hurled

The Reign of tyrants is now clear
It stands up bold whilst breeding fear
In the background all along
But now its hatred has grown strong
Which puts you in a bad position
Forcing on you one decision
Go along with your abduction
Or, resist mankind’s destruction

© Steve Bentley