Propaganda War

Propaganda War.

Propaganda runs deceptions screen
Transgender moulds the social scheme
Odd points of view invade the scene
You can’t decipher what they mean

Falsehood leads your mind astray
Whilst clowns distort your thinking
Like a sheep, you’re led away
To board a ship that’s sinking

Social Media, Government run
Displays your life and point of view
It’s not a gift for joy and fun
But just a way to check on you

Discouraged by your failing way
You look to faith to pave the path
A trap that furthers your delay
Entangling you in Satan’s wrath

Consensus forms your mind of wool
Shapes pillows for your slumber
Dream magnets call; you feel the pull
Towards those trails of wonder

You turn to beg from common sense
But only find its casket
To you it gives no recompense
No favours can you ask it

Entrenched in doubt you look away
In search of truths reality
But long ago you let it stray
Along with actuality

With zeal the fakers carry on
To them all truth is lies
Their morals none have long since gone
There’s darkness in their eyes

You try to purge your life’s false learning
Engrained into those early times
It’s hard to start the tables turning
And face the devious root of crimes

Exhaustion weighs upon your soul
From effort made to master
Your plans must have a simpler goal
To take it slow, not faster

You’re called to play and passed the ball
Expected just to make a catch
But you don’t have to play at all
Just walk away, ignore the match

Stand still and feel the breath that’s free
A gift from that which made you
Don’t value thoughts which make you see
A take on life with darkened view

Let them tell their tales so tall
And make war on normality
In the end, their plan will fall
To the guardian of humanity

© Steve Bentley