Living Through The Cost

Living Through the Cost

They sell you this, they sell you that
You buy a house, you buy a cat
There’s a salesman in your front room and adverts through the door
That say they are the cheapest, but always ask for more
They advertise their presence, permission never asked
And call you on the telephone, intensions always masked
You can be a happy person, when you spend and buy their wares
You can own those treasures that the rich man never shares
And when you walk along the street, the billboards catch your eyes
They want to sell you everything, including all their lies
Their thirst for all your earnings, is never ever quenched
The hunger for your money is socially entrenched
Its good they say, to borrow too; they’re doing you a favour!
They lend you five, you payback ten, their nature doesn’t waiver
Insurance too, another must, so your kin gain from your death
They’ll have you signing papers, whilst breathing your last breath
And when it comes to caskets, they’ll sell your family wood
All varnished pruned and polished, to rot beneath the mud
Its then they check your savings, in case you were well heeled
And crack your nest egg shell, by taxing excess yield
There is no answer to it, if you want to play their game
Their sleeves are full of aces; ‘dominion’ is their aim

© Steve Bentley