Have I Got Blues For You

Have I got blues for you

Woke up this morning to a rainy day
Had big ideas and things to say
I heard the news, ‘The war’s begun,
It started with greed, and it’s on the run’
So food will be rationed, pleasures all banned
Tears will be falling, on our holy land
A letter arrived to tell me my duty
‘The Government asks for obedience and unity
It said I was honoured to fight for their cause
And I was bound up by all of their laws
I wrote them straight back, saying don’t hold your breath
I’ve decided to wait for a natural death
Go fight yourself, if you’re so concerned
Or is your back striped with the yellow you’ve earned?
You hook up with others, with your point of view
And like to see poor men, dying for you
The wars that we face are the ones that you’ve started
But you have no compassion, for soldiers departed
You manipulate others with horror and fear
Telling the world that the enemies near
In secret your game, set’s friend against friend
Believing your lies, causing each other’s end
You take their possessions to deal and to sell
My answer is simple, ‘Go back to Hell’!
I’ll wake up tomorrow with peace on my mind
Not wanting this world, but another kind

© Steve Bentley