Time To Lose?

Time to Lose

The man said on the TV news
You can’t afford to pick and choose
If you don’t line up to get an injection
Very soon, you’ll get an infection
Everything, depends on you
So turn up quick and join the queue
Don’t worry about the side effects
That’s what the Government expects
If you die, there’ll be regret
But that’s as bad as it can get
You must think of the billionaires
You can’t disrupt that life of theirs
They like to profit from your loss
But for your souls, won’t give a toss
Don’t disregard their cunning plan
To kill us all, if they can
They think the world belongs to them
So they can judge and then condemn
You’re living in a doctored nation
Don’t decry vaccine creation
When they claim a new disease
You best comply down on your knees
Forget your rights and lefts as well
They want them all, can’t you tell?
Don’t speak out, to say what’s wrong
The life you have, might not last long
Reject their long planned I.D. chip
They’ll bring you down with censorship
They like to have the upper hand
And don’t want you to make a stand
Against their death infatuation
Preventing peace by truth castration
Killing billions in peace time
Isn’t seen by them as crime
It’s just the culling of the herd
Be quiet now, don’t speak a word
It’s easier if you don’t contend
Just believe they are your friend
Trying to save humanity
From their induced catastrophe
Injections are your future life
Tell your children and your wife
Soon you’ll all be hypnotized
As they spread their newest lies
Like aliens from another level
Or a brand new saviour; like the Devil
You’ll have to take it in your stride
Just go along on their dream ride
Unless of course you’ve woken now
And think it’s time to fight; but how?
Some say the key is non-compliance
'We need a human kind alliance'
Some say that prayers will serve the cause
Others that we’ll use the laws
But those who swallow mainstream news
All conjured up to cause the blues
It’s they that need to stop and pause
And be aware of Satan’s jaws
For them it’s vital information
So pass on truth’s re-incarnation

© Steve Bentley