Observing Illusion

Observing Illuson

Retired hopes of logic, debate on truth unseen
And from illusions pulpit, ask what this life could mean
Creation holds its breath, as confusion sows its seed
Upon the barren land, of mans neglected need
Empty graves wait patiently, all without concern
Withholding any comfort, for the pain he didn’t earn

As the architect of misery, builds walls around all hope
The hangman with employment dreams, grins wide and knots his rope
The gallows of self-judgment, prays in a nearby Church
Where condescending preachers, presume the right to search
Looking in men’s pockets, finding notebooks full of dreams
And broken-hearted wishes, for all their plans and schemes

Mankind is at war, with fictions bitter will
That withholds its dark secrets, and propensity to kill
Suppression of true learning, is constant and unbending
Oppression of the innocent, will never have an ending
That is unless the sleeping, step out of evils trance
From the spell that's so deceiving; denying freedom’s chance

© Steve Bentley