Feudal Dilemma

Feudal Dilemma
A story once told of a great feud of old, still unfolds in conflict today
Opposing Gods plan for the future of man, the battle with sin is at play
You must know by now that the world has gone wrong, and is falling apart at the seams
It started when China beat on its Gong, and their bats made us all have bad dreams
The story was told by that con-man so bold, as he stoked up his fire on the news
His message caused fear from the lies that he sold, and the Demons all backed up his views

Who was to know that the start of this show, was a plan to condemn all the masses?
In our struggle and our strife, we were cut by hates knife, no regard for religion or classes
Unknown to us, that dark breed of men, use malice to alter our path
Not by the gun are we led towards doom, but misinformation’s cruel wrath
Now man’s dilemma is plain to be seen, requiring his knowing what’s true
His malleable mind now stands in the Dock, in need of a rational view

Some look for defence in good books that they read, and some in the laws of the land
But nothing will help if we sit down and wait, it’s time to be making a stand
We face a great wall, so wide and so tall, built up strong with mirrors and smoke
But so many are blind or confused in their mind, in need of a dig or a poke
We’ve all been deceived with illusion and dreams, causing true judgment to stall
Now it’s time to decide if it’s up to a few, or maybe; up to us all?

© Steve Bentley