Authority Rap


The one in authority, gives us the blues
By offering us all, more bad news
Thinks we believe him; those days are gone
The things he tells us just aren’t on
He came last, in the human race
Now he’s adding to his disgrace
Wants us to think we live on a ball
The tales he utters are just too tall
Fish came walking, out of the sea
Why does that thought, bother me?
Ancestor Monkeys, you say…What?
Is your brain workin? I think not!
Crazy virus, scamming the World
When is the flag of truth unfurled?
We might soon hear there’s a visitation
But not from the Lord of all creation
No, just two dudes from another planet
One called John and one called Janet
People believe almost anything
Easy to fool and easy to sting
These are times when lies are told
To prepare for when, the ‘facts’ unfold
When histories secrets are all unravelled
To show the path that we have travelled
Along the crooked road to confusion
Forging a life of fear and illusion
And what credentials have these leaders
Who think of us, as useless feeders?
Where did they get their authority from?
Simply taking over’s, just not on
They offer up sides, so we can vote
Without telling us, they sail the same boat
No matter who stands and then takes power
The end game always seems to turn sour
Democracy throws its cards on the table
But most of the voters’ minds are unstable
By following all their tricks and magic
Trusting heroes ends up tragic
The promises that we are given
Lead us down, not up to heaven
Hot air and lies from those they promoted
It’s back to square one, for those that voted
Many wait, for God to take over
But my guess is, he’s passed the job over
‘Who too?’ you may wish to ask
Could be us, he’s given the task?
Perhaps a test, to see how much
We can walk, without a crutch
You can't hide and you can't quit
When it comes to power, you’re under it
The so-called leaders discard the laws
That protect ‘you’ from illegal claws
So educate all, to know their defences
Then we won’t suffer from false pretences
When ‘they’ tell us their dark lies
Sense will penetrate their disguise
We’ll have to wise up, to how it all works
We need to realize, we’re dealing with jerks
They think they can take our rights away
But it won’t happen if we act the right way
We have to ignore their yapping jaws
And change our support to the ‘human’ cause
Inalienable rights, given by the creator
Can’t be changed, by any dictator
We need to value natural law
Written in our soul where the rats can’t gnaw
Just say ‘no’ to the bureaucrat liars
They’re just dummies that the money man hires
If they try to take your liberty
Just mention ‘personal liability’
True conclusions are only reached
When good men see their freedom breached
But if you’re not clear and are in doubt
That we’re losing our world, and need to watch out
Then take a close look at the human race
Heading for disaster at a roaring pace
Authority was ‘taken’; not given freely
Whoever says they have it; do they really?

© Steve Bentley