I am the path to death called time
I am the force you must bend to
I am the measure of your predicament
I am the great illusion

Without me you would not last
Without me you have no vehicle
Without me there’s no unfolding
Without me the stillness reigns

You only live because I let you
You only see because I meet you
You only feel because I touch you
You clutch me tight, but I fade away

Do you hear my holy chanting?
The two-word measured song I sing
To mark your slide towards an ending
I leave some thoughts of me gone by

Do you think I’m real in day and night time?
Are you hurt and sad when I fly away?
Do you like it when you hold me closely
Whilst praying I won't end your day?

I’m yours to spend whilst you are waiting
Then no goodbye; I’m on my way
I’d stay if I had the inclination
Where I go, I cannot say

As you ask me to remain for ever
I make new plans to wander on
No roots have I to keep me near you
A moment more and I’ll be gone

© Steve Bentley