Have we faced enough this test of life, and paid our debt back yet?
Have we heard all words we need to hear from the sophist priestly set?
Has our pain and pleasure quota, reached its zenith peak?
Does our past confirm our doom; is our future looking bleak?

In this cage of hard decisions, will confrontation rise?
Accepting or rejecting, Gods will before our eyes?
Will our Quasimodo conscience, ring the bell to end
The vagary and vulgarities, in this game of let’s pretend?

Those who didn’t care, to search for truth inside
Begin to feign their loyalty when their deeds they cannot hide
They say that they were led astray by money or by fame
But truth sees through duplicity, and knows deceptions game

In the crowded store of make believe, the freedom dreams sell fast
To all the empty hearted, who need beliefs to last
They choose their favourite icons, before the die is cast
Disowning then all onus, for the present and the past

And so go on, the changing days, whilst fate is kept in mind
Eventually all men will face, the world they leave behind
As they march into the darkness, thinking its the end
Begging pardon from their god, for sins they cannot mend

© Steve Bentley