Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy Image

I met a soldier on his march
He said, 'I'm off a killing'
I asked him how that came about
And why he was so willing

He said, ‘The foe is all around
I'm trained to find their faces
They hide behind the books of old
And other secret places’

I looked at him with tearful sigh
And asked who had informed him,
Was it the master of the lie
Who moulded and conformed him?

‘I fight for country, King or Queen
It's always killing season
I want to put the world to right
That's another reason’

But don't you see that wars are wrong
Just made for someone's profit
Without the greed of those elite
We, could simply stop it?

‘I don't believe a word of it',
He then commenced to say
‘The enemy rejects our ways
I want to make them pay’

‘I've been told they want our blood
And then to own our land
That killing them is all for good
We have to make a stand’’

Don't you think, I said to him,
Their story is the same
Someone tells the other side
Your death should be their aim?

Without that misdirection
You wouldn't want to kill
And we could live our different ways
Without that evil will

No need to fight our brothers there
That live in distant lands,
They, like us, just want to hold
God’s freedom in their hands

Those people with the cold dark ways
Would have to lose their power
When they're confronted with the truth
They will kneel and cower

Without the order takers
Those monsters in disguise
Would fail to make the human race
A weakness to their eyes

So drop your gun and have the nerve
To realize the hour,
For freedom is a given thing,
So sweet and never sour

© Steve Bentley