The Way It Is

The Way It Is.

In the dusty classroom of common sense, the puzzled skeleton of the master still sits in amazement at people’s stupidity; long since gone are the students and the worms

Laziness, disinterest and misdirection; the stumbling blocks of truth revelation, have morphed into a plethora of fairy tale science and stories of germs

Outside in the world of suffering, the population waits for instruction, accepting all explanations for worldwide devastation; now blind and deaf to logic, it has no words to say

Though some see clearly the crimes carried out blatantly upon the masses, so many give no value to the gift of breath, knowing nothing of the current hunt and that they are the prey

So the destruction of humanity goes on, condoning its own doom in a sleepy daze of tear-soaked psychological manipulation and blunt lies; to be dammed forever, unless the alarm bell rings

Those who can tip the balance must yet wake from the dream; disowning the false world described to them and disregarding their indoctrination. Failing to awaken, will weigh heavily on what the outcome brings

Mankind has followed the rules laid down, and evil has pulled the strings. ‘NO’, the holiest of neglected weapons, sits in the armoury awaiting more enlightened hearts to sharpen its tongue and wield its blade; as frustration prays to the God of patience for freedom

The tipping of balance is at hand and conclusion waits to be drawn. The immoral chains of servitude, long since forged and ready for use, hang from the belts of the oncoming robot force that screams its war cry out loud; ‘when it comes to human kind, we don’t need em!’

© Steve Bentley