Who Are They?

Who Are They

They took your pride with their greatest lies
And stole the sparkle from your eyes
Then masked your face to hide your frown
Whilst shopping in your local town
They tell you truth is your worst foe
And list the places ‘you’ can’t go
Telling you it’s for your benefit
Will we ever see the ‘bloody’ end of it?

So, what do ‘you’ do when you hear the news?
Just soak it up, then have a snooze?
It’s all displayed before your eyes
To plant the thoughts of darkened skies
And tell you in their arrogant way
That human kind will have to pay
They have no right upon this earth
Their lives are dull and have no worth!

But who are ‘they’, behind the scenes?
So called Elites with money means
And power wielded by the dollar
To make all humans wear a collar
Made of debt and bad advice
Turning all from men to mice
Keeping us behind the door
To make quite sure we don’t get more

The one’s behind our Governments
Who keep the darkest covenants
With politicians’ strings attached
Extending from the hands that hatch
The plans to cull the population
Of each and every living nation
Without regard and empathy
Nor human thoughts of sympathy

I know it’s hard to leave a dream
And wake up to an ugly scene
But dreaming doesn’t change what’s real
It just avoids the fearful deal
Offered us by evil forces
To die or just be their resources
The fight is in the hearts of men
We ‘all’ must waken up; but when?

© Steve Bentley