Come On

Come on

Come on now friends, you’re being had
Doesn’t it get you feeling mad?
They’re telling you a pack of lies
So you can’t see clear with open eyes
Accepting lies is now systemic
There never was a great pandemic!
They want to take from you your soul
To have your ‘self’’ in their control
Don’t act like fools who kiss the feet
Of psychopaths, some call elite
Get your thinking brain in gear
Tell them ‘No’, without the fear
Don’t pretend beliefs are real
They’re unlit candles made to steal
The essence our creator gave
A truth that's ‘felt’ and known to save
Tune in now to natures deal
Not to what they make you feel
Since your birth, they moulded you
But didn’t give the slightest clue
That your life was being guided
Into a future, ‘they’ decided
Now they’re trying to change your way
By messing with your DNA
They do not value human life
Disdain for us, is thick and rife
So, treat their kind with malcontent
There souls are black, their minds are bent
No matter what they offer up
Don’t drink from their poison cup
Think for yourself, the time has come
Speak out loud now, don’t be dumb
Say ‘NO’ again, to all their tricks
Presented in their politics
Don’t fall for their offered choice
Listen to that inner voice
That tells you somethings not quite right
Warning you, it’s time to fight

© Steve Bentley