The Enemies Face

The Enemies Face
Do you recognise the enemy faces; the Governments of Goons?
The one’s who say they care for you, but worship ancient Runes
Those that tell the darkest lies, advising you to act
Upon their words of lunacy, and never truthful fact
They lead you down a misty track, with signs to point the way
Into the arms of misery, where ‘they’ want you to stay
Not admitting anything, about their base deceit
They deal in mass confusion, whilst their master claims Gods seat

Unfortunate believers, will fall into their trap
But if you’re wise and doubt them, you’ll see they’re full of crap
Take heed now of deception, spilling from their tongues
It kills your sense of wisdom, when choosing right from wrongs
Beware their false sincerity, that freely makes its claims
Condoning all the glories, of their hidden leaders aims
They say they’re there to help you, and keep your family healthy
They have your future organised, so you’ll be free and wealthy

The option to believe them is offered with a grin
They hold the door wide open, and ask you to step in
Then tell you of restrictions and rules you must obey
Whilst ‘they’ fight off the threat’s unseen, confronting you each day
Don’t worry for your liberty, they have to lock you in
Until the ghouls are vanquished, then freedom will begin
Hold on for just a month or so, another year at most
‘We’re acting for your benefit’, with tongue in cheek they boast

With masks for your submission, and hypodermic wishes
They make you swim in mockery, like squirming little fishes
Then laugh behind your back, for falling for their fiction
Created just to capture you and add to your constriction
Too trusting are the hearts of men, when listening to the news
Not thinking to confirm it, with criticising views
There is no turning back now, unless ‘as one’ we doubt
Those demons from the dark side and what they are about

© Steve Bentley