Corruption Rules

Corruption Rules

Corruption rules the world, with plastic and with paper
Upheld by naughts and ones, dark greed upholds the caper
The ignorance of masses, supports the devious dealing
Accepting bogus leaders, involved in blatant stealing

Corruption rules the world, controlled by cult and prayers
Required by the middle men, insisting God is theirs
Providing books of reference, on how to carry favour
Dividing men by Churches, and notions that don’t waiver

Corruption rules the world, controlled by staunch armed forces
That pander to their leaders, who’s plans change histories courses
Those empty-headed would-be killers, carry guns with pride
Empowering tyrants wishes, who in the shadows hide

Corruption rules the world, etching it with fear
Destroying natures gifts to man, it never sheds a tear
Disguised to gain acceptance, it lays a million traps
And binds weak minds in apathy, inducing truths collapse

© Steve Bentley