A Nice Poem For 2020

A Nice Poem for 2020

Do you want to hear a poem to make you feel good?
If I had one, I’d show you; I surely would
But a war rages wild, in mankind’s thought
Too many are captured, too many are bought
I can’t just pretend that things are alright
When evil is growing and winning the fight
A dark force is acting, the masses are fooled
Accepting belief; ‘by its power we’re ruled’
Its weapons are lies and its shield is pretence
But too few are standing, in logics defence
Instead many follow the bait that was laid
They can’t stand the Sun, they just sleep in the shade
Are you such a soul, that cowers away
And no longer values the light of truths day?
Then don’t underestimate enemy numbers
They work in the night whilst everyone slumbers
And sneak into power, in political guise
To offer false justice, whilst telling you lies
They make up new laws to tie you in knots
And vaccinate babies that lay in their cots
They cause you bad health in devious ways
So you visit your doctor, then do what he says
Consuming concoctions made up just for you
Thinking they’ll help and make you feel new
But when you feel worse and return to his door
He says ‘Never mind, I’ll sell you some more’
Natural remedies; just pushed aside
In favour of profit, true healing they hide
They tax you for progress, then charge you to use
The things they created but you didn’t choose
The roads that you funded, presumed to be theirs
You paid for the transport but they seize the fairs
Everything’s captured, they’ve taken the lot
They tell you they’re special, but really, they’re not
Better get registered for everything now
Forget how to do it and they’ll show you how
A permit for this and a license for that
A vax passport to travel, and one for your cat
Register birth and register death
If you’re after a refund, don’t hold your breath
And when they make claims, don’t question or ask
Just hide all your doubts behind a face mask
Invisible monsters, created for you
Stand six feet apart if you wait in a queue
Your freedom is gone if you fall for their lies
Use your backbone, and stare down their eyes
Choice to believe is humanities gift
Choose your free will, and power will shift

© Steve Bentley