Death Throes

Death Throes

Its cracking; can you hear it?
As it loses all support
Abandonment comes later
When we storm that faithless fort

Don’t wonder on the die they cast
Three sixes in a row
That counting on the numbers
Is a place we needn’t go

Their strength now fades from lies they laid
Deep inside our mind
Whilst dwelling in our innocence
Thinking they were kind

From Oz they came to test us
To Oz they will return
Just wizards of false doctrine
Whose future is to burn

The fearful Lions pride will grow
The strawman’s brain think clear
And the Tin-man’s heart will beat in tune
As the truth of life grows near

Hold on tight to rhyme and reason
And the rhythm of the way
In the changing of the season
The storm will go away

© Steve Bentley