Too Late Now?

Too late now

You were warned all along that the system was wrong, that it cares for itself and not you
That its powers are twin towers of fakers and liars, but the ones who reveal this are few
Now your plans are all broken by he who has spoken, with a forked tongue of fire and hate
He is pushing his plan to forsake every man, with tricks up his sleeve he can’t wait
Three sixes were thrown, now choices are few, the virus pretence has begun
You drank everything he poured in your glass, now the web round your life has been spun
Asleep at the wheel, you now travel a road, that leads to a vaccine of doom
With the Devils own mark, you will crawl in the dark, in a world of suffering and gloom
Is there anyone left to realise the theft, of everything freedom has given?
Can you stand your own ground, with evil around, and say ‘NO’, to its invite of prison?

© Steve Bentley