Carnivorous Conscience

Carnivorous Conscience
Mankind has been so mis-led
With strange ideas for the food he's fed
He lost respect for the peaceful beasts
Now, on them he mainly feasts
He's murdered billions over time
And never thinks that it's a crime
To take the lives of helpless creatures
A reflection of his heartless teachers
Who tell him he's an Omnivore
So he'll consume the blood and gore
With long intestines, not for meats
He clogs his system as he eats
He carves their bodies nice and neat
To dine upon the toxic treat
On Supermarket shelves, so clean
Red carcases pervade the scene
These animals are forced to grow
With hormones full, their bloodstreams flow
And chemicals, up to the brim
From tongue to tail, and every limb
Not many people track and hunt
They pay the clowns to groan and grunt
In abattoirs across the lands
With knives and hammers in their hands
Those morons have no heart inside
Their love of nature, cast aside
For dealing out the cancer cause
A peanut wage he monthly draws
Without a conscience in its head
This industry provides the dead
The harm it does, no wish to know
Whilst knee deep in the bloodstained flow
Some will argue 'protein need’!
But there's a fact that they don't heed
The kidneys don't prefer 'too much'
Excesses they don't like to touch
The system strains but can't digest
So rancid flesh becomes a pest
Rotting there in captured sack
The putrid carcass starts to pack
The stomach moans and starts to heave
But that cadaver just won't leave
Karmic justice now in force
Until man takes a purer course

© Steve Bentley