Slow Down

Young Boy

Slow down now, it’s time to ask,
‘What is going on’, at last?
From birth to now, you let it go
Now the time has come to know
Don’t trust the words of men nor me
But focus close on what you see
Go back to find that child inside
Wake up that soul that went to hide
Throw out the garbage you collected
Make some room for true perspective
Question rules that enslave ‘you’
Reclaim your simple point of view
Consider for a second now
Life is more than they allow
Break away from minds presumption
And stories told for your consumption
No one can make this step for you
To cut the bonds and start anew
Reclaim your sovereign ownership
And make it clear that it’s your trip
Yes, freedom is at hand its true
Just redefine your life anew
Cast aside the rules you’re handed
Don’t be a slave, you’ve not been branded
No-one can own the way you see
But you alone; when you break free

© Steve Bentley