To sanity, that lofty God, I offer prayer and thanks
For saving me from falling, when craziness plays pranks
Now holding on in sane repose, I see the foe with clarity
Dark and cruel, remorseless souls, of infinite vulgarity

But what of those who wander still, the labyrinth of change
With hopes of finding refuge, inside their newest cage
Will logic offer insight now, suggesting freedom plans
Or is the time for pity, out of mercies hands?

The lunacy of evil, has moulded simple minds
To stop them thinking clearly, along discerning lines
The hypnotists’ instructions, to follow false advice
Has fused into their psyche, turning them to mice

Forlorn now the hearts of men, once rich in hope, now without any
Not knowing where the foe comes from, its intension, or how many
Are these rivals’ flesh and bone, or Demons from a different zone?
Will you oppose their bold attack; defending peace and what you own?

In answering now, make no mistake, it’s really for the heart to make
Their weapon plan is digital; sly, cruel and clinical
So, when they ask you to comply, you need to look them in the eye
State it proud, be strong and brave, make it clear, you’re not their slave

© Steve Bentley