Soul Support

For Soul Support..

I don't know how you feel
When you take a look around
If you need a post to lean on
A firm one's seldom found

I checked out most religions
But didn't like those ties
I thought that I'd choose God instead
To open up my eyes

True options that surround us all
Are thin upon the ground
We listen but the noise they make
Has no authentic sound

More precious births are counted
To grow and join our schools
But what defence to offer them
When dark deception rules?

The delusion we contend with
Is sly just like a Fox
The only real antidote:
To think outside the box!

Are you of the many
Who don't investigate?
Or are you free and willing
To enter life's debate?

It all seems so natural
To accept all we are told
But when we analyse the facts
No water do they hold

Our leaning post is wisdom
The truth inside our heart
We need to find that treasure
It's late, but we should start

© Steve Bentley