Old Friends

Old Friends

Where are you now old friends?
I’m here alone and wondering
What path fate made you walk along
Whilst sunny and whilst thundering?

Not knowing of the dangers
We were thrust into this life
Soon to learn the lessons
From struggling with our strife

Always asking why things are
Taking nothing as a given
Not pledging our allegiance
To Demons or the Devil

So, where are you now old friends
As I sit inside this room?
Drinking toasts to all of you
In hope to see you soon

With empty seats and glasses
And dreams in memories queue
I see our laughs and wishes
Slowly fade from view

So here’s to hope and pleasant days
If you live or you have passed
I know you will not answer
But still, I have to ask

Where are you now old friends?
You were part of my unfolding
Those times where given power
From feelings, we were holding

So many times, I’ve wondered
Where friendships go to hide
When bombs of change descend on them
From dark and cloudy skies

The wall of times between us now
New friends are very few
But if we have to start again
I’ll choose friends just like you

© Steve Bentley