When Lies Are Told

When lies are told

When lies are told belief sits ready, in the game played for the soul
As hunger yearns, the bate cooks steady, with ‘capture’ as its goal
On the chequered table top of fate, oppression makes its move
Blocking all the options, so chances don’t improve
The appetite of fools, so willing to accept
Digests the poison willingly, no sanity is kept
Accepting life as they are told it, by the culprit crew
The human kind just stay in line with a faulty point of view

Each man stands upon this ground, thinking it is owned
By those who cheat with numbers, saying freedom’s been postponed
They tie his hands behind his back, once that he has signed
Upon the dotted line of doom, that takes away his mind
All theories freely given, are written by his foe
Who twist them in their meaning, to keep his powers low
He stands before the judgement, of lesser souls than he
Not knowing what the truth is, or how it sets him free

© Steve Bentley