Look Up, Look Down

Look up Look Down

I look up and see the sky
It’s full of trails and I wonder why
They hide the Sun, I smell a Rat
Do ‘you’ remember granting that?

You hear bad news from the TV pulpit
It points a finger, to a made-up culprit
Whilst poison flows in abundant doses
Fermenting in your bag of groceries

You pay your taxes to the Government
Enforced by law and not agreement
That thirst you had for honesty
Has drowned in feigned sincerity

Inferring purity of birth
Fake royalty lays claim to Earth
Yes, they deride the truth defender
With sharp forked tongue and blunt transgender

And I look down to see the poor
With empty hands, they beg for more
Full of anguish, full of pain
Which flows down from that evil reign

Still seeing royals as their Gods
Through glazed dull eyes of underdogs
Fools bow their heads in reverence
In hope of some benevolence

And the puppeteer laughs loud till dawn
Whilst carving his most recent pawn
Another icon for the masses
An actor for the working classes

A hero for the TV screen
To take you where you haven’t been
Another dream mapped out to follow
Another scheme of lies to swallow

Many consult books of old
That tell them faith and trust are gold
And they’re the chosen ones for saving
Another maze for their enslaving

The web that’s spun spreads far and wide
Ensuring freedom is denied
As hate enslaves the human race
The speed it moves is gaining pace

They trust too much the evil way
That serves itself to make them pay
The trap was sprung whilst you were sleeping
That pledge of peace was not for keeping

Satanic buildings scrape the sky
And no one stops to wonder why
Saluting Satan’s bold endeavour
Declaring evils war for ever

The brave say, ‘Let’s all soldier on’,
The weak say ‘All our hopes are gone’,
Myriad lies are on the chase
For those who run the human race

But when you're forced to make the choice
To bear the mark the beast endorsed
Who will you ask to be your guide?
In who’s truth will you abide?

© Steve Bentley