Postcard from Gaza

Postcard from Gaza

Once more the monster rises up, to deal in death and torture
His passion is to bathe in blood, and cull all human nature
He is the force of evil, a killer without conscience
You see his pleasure’s churning, digesting his indulgence

He fools the world to thinking, that he’s the guiltless victim
But when our back is turned, he laughs and says, ‘I tricked em’
Now genocide is rampant, cheered on by Godless thinking
No honesty does TV share, on the boat of life that’s sinking

Few bells ring out to state the truth, and so we’re soaked in lies
From those who quell the warning voice; the demons in disguise
Oh yes, the media prey on us, and tell us what to think
Ventriloquising thoughts, until they cause a stink

What shame the world will suffer, when the future of its child
Is committed into slavery, to he who is reviled
Tamasic nature revels now, blatant and conceited
Cooking up another war, its pot is full and heated

Is it that the many, ignore the facts they face?
Will no apathy be offered, for the future of our race?
Perhaps the teeth of change, have not yet pierced their lives
But maybe soon the time will come, when pain and death arrives

Meanwhile in the desert land, of mans bewildered quest
The silent God of hopefulness awakens from his rest
Assessing with a tearful eye, the story of lost sense
He sees the way the cards were played and looming consequence

If you hope it true what scriptures say, that good will overcome
Be sure the one who wrote that, didn’t beat the Devils drum
It may be that the waiting, for a saviour to appear
Is wasting precious moments, in stopping what grows near

How can we fight this titan, that grew from misbelief
When guns are not the answer, and bombs won't bring relief?
They say the truth will set us free, and I am all for that
We need to see the emperor, who wears no clothes nor hat

As we look behind the curtain and see through his disguise
We’ll all find out for certain, he’s worthy of no prize
We need to mock his hubris, and arrogant foundation
That wields such false authority; over Gods creation

© Steve Bentley