Mediatism Image

TV watchers fool themselves
With Aliens, Pixies, Ghouls and Elves
They’re helped on by the BBC
Believing all the things they see
Not knowing that their starry eyes
Are being programmed by the lies
That push the ‘theories’ of this earth
Supporting ‘myth’ for all it’s worth

With fakers’ games they cheat your mind
And push on you the ‘Savile’ kind
Conditioning young and old to think
That life on Earth is on the blink
Pretending that mankind is causing
Catastrophe, with global warming
So those that drive the power scheme
Can tax the masses for the dream

In subtle innuendo style
They like to mislead and beguile
Just like all the other media
They suffer from a ‘truth amnesia’
Unless your license has expired
‘Then’ they’ll remind you ‘it’s required’
Requesting funds that you should pay
So you’ll digest the things they say

And soon they'll send a TV spy
Who’ll want to check your alibi
He'll tell you that he has the right
To search your house both day and night
But that’s untrue it’s just a measure
Taken to increase their treasure
Used to push a flimsy narrative
That, to them, is deemed imperative

But please don’t think they have no friends
Across the pond; the same old trends
Are hyped upon the common man
With every chance the media can
NBC and CBS, working on the same old scam
CW and the ABC, playing games for uncle Sam
And don’t forget the sly old ‘Fox’
Is there to keep you in the box

If you watch, please be aware
They like to conjure up a scare
They spin the yarns and weave their traps
Misleading you on all the maps
‘Controlling you’ must top their list
If words don’t work, they use a fist
They want you lazy and dumbed-down
If you wake up, they start to frown

© Steve Bentley