Too Many Martyrs

Too Many Martyrs

Do you hear death cries of children, screaming from the ether,
and feel the parent’s bitter woe, contending with hates wrath?
Do you think that any nightmare, could surpass such naked horror,
showing to the world that it walks on Satan’s path?

Now on this earth you witness, the government of woe,
condemning all the innocent to suffer from this foe
No leaders try to crush the plan, authorities watch on,
revealing that the god they praise, is not a holy one

Timid monkeys, void of ethics, shape and model news,
they see or hear no evil, from their mouths we hear no truths
Presenting us with stories, created as deception;
distraction for the masses, false tales without exception

How many martyrs will it take, to wake the world to sense?
Will those poor souls that perish, miss their recompense?
Do they deserve unwillingness from you to join the battle?
Was human kind created, to be slaughtered as though cattle?

What of politicians, do you listen to their spiel?
That fabricates more fantasy, whilst offering a deal
Do thieves when questioned of their crime, admit it with a ‘yes’
Or compose refuting alibis, which leave you there to guess?

Of those who give their lives, to awaken one and all
Will your inclination be, to listen to their call?
To seek the truth of why they died, and understand their cause
Will you stand for truth and justice; against immoral laws?

The time has come, it took a while, where confrontations loom
Apocalypse, the sleeping force, has heard the waking tune
Serving cries for freedom, from those who love Gods peace
Its teeth now sharpened for a world, that prays for their release

© Steve Bentley