Re-Writing Peace

Re-Writing Peace

The poison pen
The loaded gun
Both inclined
To spoil the fun

The propaganda
In your room
The lies they tell
About the moon

The twisted history
Placed in mind
Like shackles bound
Round human kind

Forked tongued priests
Of dark belief
Are here to serve
The evil thief

Their wish for war
Expressed in treason
Prepares another
Killing season

You cast your vote
To say ‘please no’
And pray ‘please stop’
But they say ‘Go’

You play the game
That they designed
With contracts made
You never signed

They throw your wishes
Down the well
Discarding truth
They offer hell

Then lead you down
Illusion’s pit
To warp your mind
And stifle wit

You thought that they
Where helping you
Until true reason
Changed your view

You found that they
Held you in trance
Whilst feeding off
Your circumstance

Now you must waken
From the dream
To find the truth
You hadn’t seen

Knowing you must
Start again
And quash the lies
With truths new pen

© Steve Bentley