Wake Up, For Gods Sake

Wake Up

Accept the vaccines and poison your kids
Swallow the chemicals logic forbids
Drink their fluoride and turn out dumb
Don’t think too loud or they will come
Eat all the animals grown big from shots
Poisoned to turn your gut into knots
Pay your taxes, to stay in line
Park in the pay zone to duck that fine
Go to the Dentist for Mercury fillings
That poison your system whilst they make a killing
Stare at the box and swallow false news
None of it’s true, it’s just a big ruse
Listen to the fakers talk about Mars
Yes, you can go there, in souped-up cars
Vote for a hero, to speak out for you
If you think there’s a choice, ‘you’ don’t have a clue
Trust in the one that you elected
And then find out, they're all pre-selected
Listen to the music that tricks your ear
Pretend it makes sense, though the words are unclear
Ask a teacher, how to teach common sense
And get a dumb look, in their defence
Choose your religion, get one off the peg
Which one came first, the chicken or the egg?
Swallow the dream, with all its lies…
Don’t look for reality; life’s in disguise
Accept those beliefs that divide and conquer
If you don’t see the game, you’re just a dumb plonker
There are only fake kings upon Gods Earth
And story book idols from magical birth
Just ‘one’ creator gave you your life
If you trust in a middle man, you’re heading for strife
Surrounding evil has poisoned your mind
It wants you to follow but leave God behind
The fight with evil is always at hand
Throughout generations; all battles planned
They keep you dumbed down, when it comes to the knowing
About where they lead you and why you’ll be going
Authorities will tell you, they’re all on the level
Reality is, they just serve is the Devil
That’s how life is, for the common man
Not knowing reality, he lives with no plan
The only way he can stand a chance
Is to find out the truth and then take a stance

© Steve Bentley