The Devils Land

the Devils Land

When did the land you stand upon become the Devils ground?
Did he buy it on the level, when God was not around?
Was it stolen in the dark of night, or won in some dark deal?
Did those cards that favoured evil, find truth’s Achilles heel?
Where the aces up the sleeve, of the one love doesn’t know?
Or is it just a case of theft, that happened long ago?

But now you have to pay, to live upon this soil
Whenever payments falter, your life begins to spoil
Every day you’re tied; the racket never ends
You’re taxed up to the hilt, and the rule never bends
In time you find the deal was rigged, the land was just on loan
Acquired by ‘right of conquest’; not for you to own

Aristocrats and Gentry, care for it to please
The Royalty of England; down upon their knees
But don’t forget the Corporations, and the Bankers too
Who pretend to loan you money, with interest always due
And who directs those vile Elite, who trick you for their betterment?
With usury that's nothing more, than forked tongued dealing devilment

The one who stands behind them, will never show his hand
He strikes with laws sharp fingers; every move is planned
Manipulating minds, so you think that you can buy
A portion of that prize, that he markets with a lie
If you still believe the rules have changed, and land is yours to keep
Convinced by legal papers; you are still asleep

Legislation trickery, modified decrees,
Manipulate positions, and then they make the squeeze
If you try to leave the system, disown their well-made plans
By their coercive arrogance, they will tie your hands
They’ll say you owe them money, that they never even lent
Through their monitory system, which all along was bent

If you’re short of cash and cornered, they will not hesitate
They’ll throw you out the door, and claim it’s their estate
The system isn’t set in place, so you can benefit
It’s there to bleed you dry; til then it just won’t quit
You have to toil for money, to live upon this land
This place created for your home, that evils envoy damned

© Steve Bentley