The TV conjures life’s disguise
A tainted view for festered eyes
A change of mind, from what is true
A program catalogue to view
The scary and the thrilling ready
To feed you with some thoughts unsteady
A multitude of things askew
But nothing that is really new
From murder to the Vampires prowl
Aliens land as Weir Wolfs howl
The Zombies walk the streets at night
As Paedophiles hide from the light
Holding Politicians hands
Whilst they covet distant lands
The Rapist incognito mask
Wants attention, but won’t ask
Evangelists scream out to you
‘Your dammed, not knowing what is true!’
And then they count their coins of gold
In payment for the God they sold
Police portrayed as our defences
Forget their oath and lose their senses
Arriving when the crime is done
Arresting those who didn’t run
Then lies for all are offered up
Straight from the propaganda cup
A public brew mixed just for you
Expressed as ‘news’ and right on queue
They tell you what was said today
By those who spoke to get their pay
Without a care for human souls
Conspiring just to reach their goals
And there the public sit and stare
Excepting all without a care
Until they’re told they must now act
To save the world and that’s a fact
Told to comply they fall in lines
As all they want is peaceful times
Then offering up their sovereignty
They pray for mediocrity
‘Please save us from the threats out there
Let us live without a care
We’ll do all the TV says’
With empty heads they sit and gaze
How easy for this box of lies
To manufacture rules and ties
Creating worlds of make believe
That in real life you can’t perceive
Disease creators drive big cars
And rocket drones report from mars
You must act, when you hear the call
Get injected, save us all
Listen when professors speak
Of ancient times and your physique
Once a monkey, passing time
With no TV, just trees to climb
Of course it’s true, the program said so
It knows it all, right from the get go
What goods a brain with common sense
When ‘your’ heads full of their pretence?

© Steve Bentley