Considering Freedom

Considering Freedom

We bang our heads against the wall
Built strong in early years
Wounded by false promises
Those weapons that cause tears

Freedom but a dream away
Yet we can't sleep for noise
Made by fake evangelists
Who cloud our mind with ploys

Words of truth are only heard
When unbound from the lies
Even then the ears must strain
To free themselves of ties

The charade runs deep in murky depths
Our cataracts have grown
We need to take that holy step
That gives our heart a home

The candle burns towards it's doom
Clock fingers point and take
That drug we miss so sleepily
Is being wide awake

Tomorrow is too late to play
It never comes today
But cups its hands to capture
The things we need to pay

Those not aware the war is on
Stand still in naïve thought
Dismissing that which disagrees
With dreams that they have bought

The lies digested eagerly
Now serve to make us see
This moment is our only friend
Not schemes of who to be

Alarms ring out from open minds
But trance is hard to break
The futures in the balance now
And should be ours to make

The enemy in camouflage
Treads our given land
Laughing at our apathy
And unwillingness to stand

Alone our chance is limited
Don’t linger in disgrace
Of need to recognize those threats
From foes that we must face

© Steve Bentley