Ego Man

Ego Man

Ego Man

In polluted sea’s where egos swim
The black sharks circle round
Hunting souls who sold their hearts
For the dollar and the pound

Those who’s pride engulfed them
As they overstepped the mark
Now, beholding their reflection
Their self-delusions bark

The stories that they told to all
Of how they found success
Are modelled by their make believe
Made only to impress

Beneath deceit of great prestige
They crouch in fear of truth
No mention of the light they miss
Abandoned in their youth

Now fiction has their soul in hand
Returning is no option
Their vanity has chained them down
With bonds of self-deception

Displaying self-importance
They revel in pretence
That they have killed their nowhere man
And climbed achievements fence

So now fake fame and fortune
Dictate their regal way
Presuming there is wisdom
In things they do and say

Delusions door was entered
And in that darkened room
They tell fictitious stories
Of things that they assume

Indulging in their arrogance
They boast to one and all
Yet if you heed them closely
Their aims are dull and small

Disowning sense and wisdom
They never take the time
To live within the moment
Where humility can rhyme

© Steve Bentley