Moving Out

I’m moving to live, where ‘take’ turns to ‘give’
A domain of stillness and peace
I’ll invite you there, if you can declare
You’ll lay down your anger and cease

I tried to get by, in the old try and sigh
Where the wind howls and blows you around
Yes, its murder out there, men don’t care to share
Preferring to fight for more ground

I can’t take the pace, of the plans and the schemes
Where leaders just sell you new dreams
Where bad gets rewards, but good is ignored
And nothing is quite as it seems

The place that I go to, has no registration
No dictators or loudmouths around
No passports are needed, no thoughts are policed
No royalty claims can be found

A place where equality rules every heart
And fairness dictates every action
Where freedom inspires each person’s desires
And truth gives a deep satisfaction

If you’ve had enough of living it ruff
In a world of restrictions and rules
You might want to pack and never look back
From a place that is full of life’s jewels

© Steve Bentley