Angus Fightum

Angus Fightem walked around
He wandered everywhere
And when he met another man
He’d fight him, then and there

He said he couldn’t help it
When they said it wasn’t fair
He wasn’t such a pleasant man
And didn’t really care

He fought the local Butcher
And the man who did his hair
He fought down at the chippy
When they told him not to swear

He fought whilst at the bus stop
And in the local park
He was fighting in the afternoon
And fighting after dark

Angus was an angry man
At him you shouldn’t stare
Or else he’d want to fight you
It didn’t matter where

One day he met a man
Who stared into his eyes
He told him not to fight again
And said it wasn’t wise

He looked at him with great surprise
As though he’d followed through
Replying with the question,
‘What’s it got to do with you?’

He said, ‘you will be sorry,
There’s always been a catch,
Your fighting days will end
On the day you meet your match’

‘How is it that you know this?
Who told you this is true?
No one has ever beat me
Do you think it will be you?’

‘No, I don’t want to fight you,
I speak from retrospection,
The one who’ll take your title,
You’ll see in your reflection’

© Steve Bentley